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H.  18 Rabi' I 1439 No: 1439 AH / 05
M.  Wednesday, 06 December 2017

Press Release
Liberating the whole of Palestine is the Islamic Solution for Al-Quds

The crocodile tears and feeble protests of the Arab regimes and Palestinian groups will not undo half a century of treachery. As US President Trump threatened to, and then actually did declare that it is time to officially recognise al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity, the Palestinian and Arab leaderships suddenly remember how important this blessed land is, singing its praise and stating that red-lines are about to be crossed.

Yes, Al-Quds is a blessed land, with its Masjid Al-Aqsa, the first Qibla of the Muslims, and the place of the Prophet’s (saw) night journey. Therefore, any claim of love of the sanctity of Al-Quds requires the call to liberate all of it from the occupation of the Zionists, not for it to be divided into eastern and western parts.

When the Fatah Movement was formed in the mid-1960's, it declared that it will form a resistance to liberate Palestine from the East to the West, but this slogan soon evaporated and it surrendered the river in the East, the sea in the West and all the territory in between.

When Hamas was established, it also announced that it would form a resistance movement and that it would liberate Palestine from the river to the sea. Hamas also accepted the idea of establishing a Palestinian state within the 1967 territories, along with a Jewish entity in almost all of Palestine.

Hizb ut Tahrir previously issued a leaflet in 1964 stating,

“Alhamdulillah to who has given us the grace of Islam, and made the measure of our actions the Halal and Haram. And peace and blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad whom Allah sent to us for guidance, and made him the master of the Messengers, and the last of the Prophets...

It has been proven beyond any doubt that the purpose of the Palestinian Liberation Organization's existence, with its leader Ahmad Al-Shukairy, is to separate the West Bank from Jordan, and establish a separate entity in the area. The second state does not include neither Al-Quds nor Bethlehem, and this action is undoubtedly to tear an Islamic land….and this is in contradiction with what Allah ordered, which is the unification of Islamic lands.”

Hizb ut Tahrir maintained its consistent stand based upon the Islamic Shari'ah in tens of leaflets issued throughout the nineteen sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and until now, explaining the objective of establishing these Palestinian factions and how they are but agents for the colonial states… and the Hizb had warned the Ummah of this decades ago that America is aiming to make the Arab states sign a peace treaty and then normalise the relationship with the occupation; and this is what happened and continues to happen!

The occupation of the Muslim lands by the enemy and the silence from fighting the enemy to return the land is a major crime, but the signing of a treaty conceding the occupied land to the enemy and its recognition is a crime more severe and greater. The Crusaders occupied Palestine and established crusader kingdoms for two hundred years, but the Muslims did not make any peace treaty nor did they give up a single inch of the occupied Muslim land to them as the Arab rulers and the Palestinian leaders want to do today. The Muslims continued to fight the crusaders until they beat them and drove them out of all the Muslim land that they occupied. They freed Jerusalem and the land of Palestine from them and destroyed the kingdoms they established in the land of Ash Sham.

The recognition of the two states in Palestine, whether Al-Quds is united or divided, will not make the Zionist entity legitimate in Islam. Fatah, Hamas and rest of the Arab and Muslim regimes are not representative of Islam and Muslims, but they are a small part of the convoy that lost its way. However, Palestine is a blessed Islamic land belonging to the Islamic Ummah.

Al-Quds is the whole of Al-Quds, not only its eastern part, according to the decrees of the colonialists’ United Nations. Any inch of the land of Palestine occupied in 1948 and any inch of Palestine occupied in 1967, both in the eyes of Islam... The whole of Palestine, including Al-Quds, is not feudal land belonging to Fatah or any other Palestinian faction, so that they may sell it away to the enemy, whenever they wish. Nor does it belong to the corrupted regimes in the Muslim world, that they may also sign it away to the Zionists in submission to their Western masters. Palestine is Holy Land as decreed by Allah in His Glorious Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Noble Messenger (saw). It is an Islamic land since the era of Omar, who opened it peacefully and did not harm the Christians there, but established over them the justice of Islam.

This is Palestine; its solution does not lie in extending a hand of cooperation towards America and negotiating a two-state solution with the Zionist State. Neither the rants of  objections of Erdogan nor Abbas to the Jews' transgression of the red lines in Jerusalem while these rulers did not move a finger and the Jews did not leave a red line they did not trample ...The red-lines that Erdogan and Abbas spoke of deceiving the people were crossed a century ago in 1917, when the British colonialists hatched their despicable plan to divide the Muslim lands, destroy the Khilafah (Caliphate), and “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”

Verily we depend upon Allah and act upon His commands, and verily Allah is worthy to be depended upon and quick to fulfill His promise.

﴿يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آَمَنُوا لَا تَخُونُوا اللَّهَ وَالرَّسُولَ وَتَخُونُوا أَمَانَاتِكُمْ وَأَنْتُمْ تَعْلَمُونَ

“O you who have believed, do not betray Allah and the Messenger or betray your trusts while you know [the consequence].” [Al-Anfal: 27]


Yahya Nisbet
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain

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