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H.  20 Sha'aban 1431 No: 37
M.  Sunday, 01 August 2010

  Press Release
Wikileaks: Another Brutal and Shame Story of US for its and Allied Forces

Recently wikileaks website leaked 91 thousands documents which exposed the brutal killings of innocent civilians as well as Afghanistan Army men. In addition, the leaked documents tried to expose the links between Taliban and Pakistan Intelligence agencies. In fact there is nothing new in these reports as the atrocities committed by the invaders are known to the entire world. 

  However leakage of such documents raises some serious questions i.e. why these documents are release at a time when the US announced its gradual withdrawal from July, 2011? Are these documents released without US consent? US president Barak Obama showed its concern about the classified documents and said that although he is not happy but nothing new is mentioned in these leaked documents. However it motivates us to pursue our fixed goals and objectives, indicating his exit plan starting from next year. 

  In these leaked documents a link of Pakistani intelligence agency and Taliban has been established so that to put pressure on Pakistan to do more in the illegal "war of terror" as well as to filter out all those officer that has Islamic emotions in them. Similarly, just two week ago American foreign Affairs secretary Hillary Clinton on a visit to Pakistan announced 500 million/USD payment to the government to  put further pressure on Pakistan to accelerate its operation on a border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan so that to curb the resistance against the US invaders. 

  Moreover, such leaks are not new for US to veil its failure and to deceive its own nation. In the Vietnam War some pentagon documents were also leaked so that to assure American Nation that the war in unwinnable and retreat is in the favor of US and it's Army, which paved the way for US to come out of Vietnam after losing fifty six thousand troops.  

  US pressure on Pakistan to do more against its own civilians and those resisting US occupation is a clear indication that US wants to weaken Pakistan because they know that Pakistan has all the ingredients that could lead it to become the launching pad for the upcoming Khilafah. 

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