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H.  14 Rajab 1442 No: 1442 AH / 025
M.  Friday, 26 February 2021

Press Release
O Erdogan and his AKP Government!

You Have Revealed Your Enmity towards Allah's System by Detaining Muslim Women Who Call for the Khilafah!

 On 23rd of February 2021, Ankara police units stormed the houses of Muslim women and detained 3 mothers of little children and a 16-year-old young girl. During the day they detained another young mother together with her four-month old baby. All women have been transferred from Ankara to Afyon for interrogation. The regime demonstrates the scale of its enmity towards Islam through its morning raids and detentions, followed by the transfer of the women to a distant city 300 km away for interrogation, which is against the usual procedures. Our sisters were detained for recording a video in Afyon, the former Amuriyya (Ancient Site of Amorium) in which they reminded the Muslims of their need for a distinguished ruler like Khalifah Muttasim, who rushed to the defence of a single captured Muslim woman upon her cry, "Ya, Muttasim!".

O Erdogan and his puppet AKP Government! Here you are... The secularism and democracy which you embraced, and which you praise to the skies, is attacking your honourable Muslim sisters, who wished for you to become true heroes! Your state, which is under the thumb of the colonialists, attacks your Muslim sisters in an anti-Islamic manner! Whereas your sisters demanded nothing more than a dignified and safe life for all Muslim and non-Muslim women across the world under the ruling system of Allah! They reminded you to comply with your task of protecting your sisters in Deen, and the virtue of fulfilling this task! We witnessed however, that there are no rulers in this land who like to be reminded of achieving virtue for Allah's sake!

O public prosecutors who order the persecution of Muslim women, and those police officers who follow this order of oppression! Oh Muslim politicians of this secular democratic state, who perform the prayer, recite Qur'an and wear hijab! What nation and what religion do you belong to? Was it not your ancestors who expelled the Byzantine despots from these lands and granted Muslim women the most tranquil life on earth, and made the banner of Islam a fearful nightmare for the Byzantines and Romans? Or is there not a single Allah-fearing Muslim left among the people of power in this land? Were they all replaced by Byzantine seeds, and we had no inkling of it?

O Erdogan and his puppet AKP Government! You don't even leave us the need to unveil your lies, your dishonesty and treason! For you admit these already with your own tongues and reveal them with your attitudes and actions. You don't even leave work for the Kemalists, whose grudges against Islam in their hearts are bigger than which solely flows from their mouths... It is YOU, who sign, hastily implement and advocate international agreements, which drag Muslim women into immorality, children into impiety, families into destruction. It is YOU, who ensure the rights of homosexuals under the pretext of human rights! And you praised and continue to praise the constitution which prohibits the implementation of Allah's provisions.

Finally, if the arrest of believing women is to intimidate and frighten those of us who want the Khilafah, then know that we do not fear anyone but Allah. We have taken Sumayya (ra) as our role model with regards to Iman in Allah the Almighty and His Prophet (saw) - and not you! We have taken Ummu Umara (ra) as our role model with regards to protecting Islam's provisions and assets - and not you! You covet the temporary worldly gains, which the Firawns grant you... We have sold our worldly assets and lives to the Lord of the Worlds in exchange for the endless blessings of Jannah! You seek to escape death by hiding your selves under the shadow of the dominance of Kufr!  We are those, who thirst for the Akhira by raising high the torch of the Dawah in order to spread the light of Islam across the world!

By Allah! We want the Khilafah (Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood! And we do not want anything else but the Khilafah and we are not pleased with anything else but the Pleasure of our Lord.

[أَلْقُوا۟ مَآ أَنتُم مُّلْقُونَ]

“Cast down whatever you are casting.” [Surah Yunus 80]

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