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H.  27 Jumada II 1443 No: 1443 / 07
M.  Sunday, 30 January 2022

Press Release
The Danish Government are Covering up its Hatred of Islam with a Proposed Plan of Action Against Racism

The Danish government announced this week, that it has reached an agreement with the parties behind the Finance Act on a plan of action against racism.

Racism, and other forms of fanatical and narrow-minded views on people, such as nationalism and patriotism, are abominable, non-Islamic concepts that certainly deserve to be combated.

But before rejoicing over this political agreement - as several parties have naively done - and before feeling urged to offer involvement in such a plan, one should, however, ask oneself one very basic and crucial question:

What, or rather, who, is the cause of the widespread xenophobia and hatred of Muslims in society, which leads to systematic discrimination and more hate crimes?

It is no secret in this regard that the Muslim community has been a target of hate for the past two decades by Danish politicians and by established media.

The last 20 years have offered countless specific laws and vilification against Muslims, and a hard line against immigrants and refugees and specifically Muslims has become a firmly entrenched political course despite changing parliamentary majorities and governments.

The Ghetto bill, the Imam law, the Burka law, and concepts such as "MENAPT countries", which by law stigmatize people of Muslim origin, are just examples of the official, state-sanctioned discrimination of Muslims in Denmark.

Legislation on “parallel societies” automatically include descendants with “non-Western backgrounds” in negative statistics, no matter how well-educated or highly paid they are. It is racism in its purest and most unambiguous form.

When the Danish government itself is guilty of fostering racism and discrimination against Muslims, which is the basis of their policies, this devised plan of action is nothing more than a cover-up and an attempt by the government to run from his responsibility. It's like the serial arsonist sweeping ash behind him on his way to ignite the next major fire.

On one hand, the government incites intolerance and cultural struggle against Muslims. Politicians even discuss whether Muslim children in schools should be subjected to institutional mockery and ridicule of their beliefs. And with the other hand, the government wants to acquit itself and make itself the avant-garde of anti-racism. This initiative therefore lacks the slightest degree of credibility and sincerity. Especially since it was published in connection with the government's launch of another plan of action against "anti-Semitism". Meanwhile, the National Police's annual register of hate crimes repeatedly show that the most vulnerable "religious group" are the Muslims.

As recently as December 2021, a study concluded that a large part of the Danish population's view of Muslims has been distorted and manipulated, which is the result of twenty years of intensive propaganda and demonization of Muslims.

The Danish government is to blame for hatred against Muslims as well as the systematic discrimination and discrimination in society. This plan of action is nothing more than a political smokescreen, a mockery of the intelligence of Muslims and of anyone who really worries about the development of society towards greater polarization and intolerance.

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