Wednesday, 30 Sha'aban 1444 | 2023/03/22
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H.  28 Muharram 1444 No: 1444 / 01
M.  Friday, 26 August 2022

Press Release
Proposal to Ban the Headscarf is a Declaration of War against the Muslim Community

Various Danish governments have for a long time pursued an anti-Islamic policy characterized by laws aimed at Islamic values ​​and way of life. The current government now wants to take a big step forward in its tyrannical struggle to forcibly assimilate the Muslims in Denmark.

Through a commission set up by the government, led by a Social Democratic mayor, and whose other members consist of incompetent Islam haters, it has chosen to approach a ban on the Muslim headscarf (hijab) in primary and secondary schools.

Such a ban cannot be understood as anything other than an open declaration of war against the Muslim community. It is well known in Denmark – as well as throughout the world – that the headscarf is a great Islamic obligation. Furthermore, the headscarf has become the symbol of Islamic identity, and it expresses noble values ​​such as decency, righteousness and the venerable status of women in Islam. These are strong Islamic values, which the Danish government is already fighting fiercely.

With the argument of "combating social control", further state control of Muslims is desired by the government through forced undressing of Muslim girls and increased surveillance of Muslim families. Actions that are not far away from resembling the Chinese regime's draconian policy towards the Uyghur Muslims.

Forced undressing of Muslim girls, however, will only expose the ugliness of the democratic system’s inbuilt tyranny-by-majority and the bankruptcy of the liberal ideals of freedom. The Danish constitution, to which politicians often require Muslims to swear allegiance, is being undermined by themselves.

In spiritual impotence in the face of Islam's persuasive thoughts and true values, the guardians of democracy have chosen to break down the pillars that support the foundation of Danish society. In their desperation to subdue the Muslims, they are driving the last nails in the coffin of democracy.

The politicians have failed to convince Muslim girls and women that Western culture's vulgar view of women and promiscuity is the way to a free and happy life. Therefore, they resort to prohibition and coercion. But the Muslim girls insist on living virtuous lives and being decently dressed, while they increasingly distance themselves from the degrading Western view of women.

We want to make it crystal clear to the Danish government and the public that Muslims will never, ever accept a headscarf ban.

We will struggle with everything we have to prevent such a ban from becoming a reality. We will fight for our right to dress as our Creator has commanded us, and for our duty to protect our dear sisters and daughters.

Muslim girls and women must be able to wear their headscarves with pride everywhere: in schools, workplaces and in public spaces. The Islamophobic politicians do not yet seem to grasp that we will fight to out very last breath in for our identity and values.

We in Hizb ut Tahrir call all Muslims to stand together, work together and fight tirelessly in an Islamic manner to the very end for this mighty Islamic duty that we will never renounce.

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