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H.  8 Rabi' II 1445 No: 1445 / 04
M.  Monday, 23 October 2023

 Press Release
Mette Frederiksen with a New Declaration of Support for the Genocide in Gaza

Just under two weeks ago, the Danish Prime Minister exhibited her massive hypocrisy, cynicism, and inhumanity when, in full view of the entire Danish population, she endorsed the Zionist occupation's massacre of Gaza's people with the words "...and it will involve some casualties."

Most recently, the Prime Minister shared another post with her thoughts on the "heartbreaking situation." She attempts, with all imaginable cynicism and deceit, to pretend that she is in any way affected by the genocide of Gaza's men, women, and children. Without the slightest moral qualms, the murderous occupier is once again presented as the victim, caught in a tight spot and forced to defend itself within the so-called "humanitarian international law."

Over 500 killed in the attack on Al-Ahli Hospital, entire families and lineages removed from Gaza's population register, and yet the Prime Minister still has the audacity to speak of the life that the populations in Gaza and the West Bank want to live. And just like with the journalist who was reprimanded for her question during the interview on October 10th, the Prime Minister attempts to stigmatize anyone supporting Gaza's population with allegations of anti-Semitism and the lie that expressions of support for Palestine are support for terrorism.

The Danish government and the Western world, with their media and politicians, continue to support and defend the Zionist occupation's terrorism, siege, and starvation of Gaza's population.

Hizb ut Tahrir condemns the Danish government's support for the Zionist occupation's genocide in Gaza and the hypocrisy of the Danish Prime Minister, and we encourage every decent person to do the same.

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