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Wilayah of Jordan

H.  28 Rajab 1439 No: 27/39
M.  Sunday, 15 April 2018

Press Release
It is Time for the Ummah to Make its Establishment a Matter of Life or Death
by Removing Obstacles that Prevent its Return on the Method of Prophethood

 In commemoration of the Prophet's migration, Muslims, with the participation of the official media of the ruling regimes of the Islamic world, celebrate by holding of religious seminars and speeches in a way that is devoid of meaning, lessons and awareness. They are held without mentioning the great truth; that the migration was leading to the most important event in the history of the Islamic Ummah: the establishment of the first Islamic state in Medina Al-Munawara, which continued to govern the world with dignity, mercy and justice, until the destruction of this state, i.e. the Khilafah (Caliphate), in 28 Rajab, 1342 AH, corresponding to 3/3/1924 CE. This is when the National Council of Ankara decided in its meeting on this date to cancel the Caliphate, in execution of the Kufr countries decision, especially Britain, in the 1919 Lausanne Conference, which included the abolition of the caliphate and the proclamation of state secularism. It has been 97 years since that date. After that, Muslims were without a Khilafah or Caliph. They became dispersed in more than fifty weak entities at the tail of nations, their countries has become the place of fighting, international conflicts and colonial rivalries, and their people are fuel of these wars, they are killed and slaughtering and displaced, after they were the most dignified of nations and their masters and the decision makers in the international position.

For this, Hizb ut Tahrir commemorates the anniversary of the destruction of the Khilafah state in Rajab every year, not in lamentation and sorrow, but as a reminder that it has been absent for 97 years. It is the state that carries the Islamic call and mercy to the world, which has disappeared since that date. It was never absent from the Islamic Ummah since the Prophet's migration and its establishment in Medina until after this date. Hizb ut Tahrir is fully aware that the political struggle and the intellectual struggle for the establishment of the second Khilafah Rashida on the method of Prophethood require deep dedication and enormous sacrifice from every Dawah carrier.

Indeed, it is time to make the commemoration of the destruction of the Khilafah, which is pushes for work to establish it again, a vital issue of the Ummah, to make it a life and death issue.  Our Ummah loses millions of victims as a result of international conflicts to control and seize its land. And is prevented from the realization of its revival project, its rulers dared to betray it and abuse it openly, after they didn’t dare to do so except by cheating and in secret, and they became audaciously and insolently loyal to the kafir colonists instead of the Muslims. Because they were reassured by the silence of the Ummah despite being subjected to their growing injustice and tyranny, and by turning the Ummah’s blessed uprisings against their tyranny into despair; after they had laid low and submitted for a while. But they returned once again, more ferocious and with more tyranny than before. Their masters, the Americans, the Europeans, the Russians, and all the enemies of the Ummah, invaded, killed and expelled, directly in the Muslim lands, not for fear for the regimes of their followers, but for fear from the danger of establishing a true Islamic state on the method of Prophethood. They know that in establishment is the beginning of their defeat and expulsion from the region forever.

The Khilafah state is the executive entity of the rules of Islam, the sovereignty in it is for the Shar’, not to the people or the ruler. Everyone is accountable to the Shari' and the ruler is responsible and accountable, and he has no immunity at all as the case with today's rulers.

And accountability includes all those in the governing body; the assistants and governors and management.

The Khilafah state is a state of real care for all its citizens, just as the rightly guided caliphs showed the meaning of care practically, it will work day and night, to follow the conditions of the people, to look out for their situation and does not spy on them. It will provide them with basic needs of food, clothing, housing, education, and security, without discriminating between them, and enable them to satisfy their luxury needs as much as possible; Its presence prevents naturally and immediately reasons and pretexts of corruption, bribery, theft, spying, lies and deception.

In the Khilafah (Caliphate) state, the policy of the administration of interests is built on the simplicity of the system, and speed of the completion of the work, and the competency of those who take charge of the administration; there are no reasons for nepotism, means and favouritism, and bribery when the competency is the standard. The simplicity and speed allows people to focus on their duties and not to be burdened by completing their administrative transactions, especially those dealing with securing their basic needs.

The Khilafah Rashida state on the method of Prophethood, which we seek to establish with the Ummah, its establishment will not be quiet, or gradual, or mixed with the existing corrupt regimes, based on rotten decaying system. Its reformation will not be through compromise, or patch work with ideas and rules and standards of the current corrupt that does not rule by what Allah has revealed.

Rather its establishment will be blatant, shuddering, thunderous, radical, comprehensive, shaking the pillars of the earth, and its tremors will be felt in all countries and nations.

Just like the establishment of the first Islamic state in Medina during the era of Prophethood, and as followed by the Khilafah Rashida on the method of Prophethood, as a unique system of government, that nations have not witnessed before, because of its justice, strength and humanitarian aspect. It destroyed the two superpowers of the earth at the time that spread corruption, the Persians and the Romans, in the course of 15 years of the establishment of the Islamic state. It continued to dominate the world reaching its corners in less than a century, and it attained the status of the most influencing state on the international situation for more than one thousand and three hundreds of years, stretching from central Europe to the depths of Africa and from the ocean in the east to the ocean in the west.

Yes, this is the state that we aspire to establish with the Ummah and we are working to establish, and we are sure of the victory from Allah (swt), following the method of the Prophet and his companions. It is worth the sacrifice of the Ummah, with all that is precious and valuable, for it; because there is no life and dignity and glory for the Islamic Ummah without it. This is the state, that the enemies of Islam and Muslims, the kafir colonists led by America, Europe and Russia, and their followers of the rulers of the Muslims, realise that its existence means their absence, and its establishment means their end, and its victory means uprooting them from the Muslim countries and eliminating their agents and followers and their likes, and eliminating their corrupt values, socially, economically and intellectually, and it will stop them from looting and plundering of the wealth of the Ummah and the people of the world.

The Kafir West is fully aware of the meaning of the establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate). It worked to destroy it on 28 Rajab 1342 AH, and worked with full force, gathering all the forces of evil since then until today to delay its return, and placed all obstacles to prevent its establishment, either directly with its aircrafts and soldiers, killing millions. Or by harnessing the ruling regimes in the Muslim countries, to serve this purpose, the Kafir would have not been able to achieve any of these crimes had it not for these tyrant oppressive rulers and their assistants, and some of the security forces, and evil writers and government scholars.

If the West is aware of this, then Muslims should have more priority than the West to realize their greatness and strength and to believe in the promise of its establishment, just as its enemy believe in its consequence, and worked and works to delay its establishment. This is because the enemy know that they cannot halt its establishment, because it is the promise of Allah and the glad-tiding of its Messenger.

O Muslims

The commemoration of the destruction of the Khilafah (caliphate) is a reminder of the work and mobilization of your energies. It is the crown of obligations; by it, the Hudood (punishments) and the suspended obligations will be established. Through it, the Ummah can achieve the victory, pride and sovereignty. It will restore your dignity and liberates your land and your sacred places. It will preserve your wealth and lives. Working for it is not like any other duty; its establishment is a matter of life and death. This is how you should view it. We invite you to work with us, to establish and support it, and crush the obstacles that stand in the way of its return as the Khilafah Rashida on the method of Prophethood once again.

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