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H.  28 Sha'aban 1442 No: 1442 / 21
M.  Saturday, 10 April 2021

Obituary of a Dawah Carrier
Al-Haj Zaidan Abdul Fattah Musawdi (Abu Taiseer Musawdi)

[مِّنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ رِجَالٌ صَدَقُوا مَا عَاهَدُوا اللَّهَ عَلَيْهِ فَمِنْهُم مَّن قَضَى نَحْبَهُ وَمِنْهُم مَّن يَنتَظِرُ وَمَا بَدَّلُوا تَبْدِيلاً]

“Among the believers are men true to what they promised Allah. Among them is he who has fulfilled his vow [to the death], and among them is he who awaits [his chance]. And they did not alter [the terms of their commitment] by any alteration” [Al-Ahzab: 24]

Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah of Jordan mourns the Dawah carrier Al-Haj Zaidan Abdul Fattah Musawdi (Abu Taiseer Musawdi) who passed away at the age of about 84 spent in obedience to Allah and carried the call to resume the Islamic way of life by establishing the second Khilafah Rashida (rightly guided Caliphate) on the method of the Prophethood.

Al-Haj Zaidan Abdul Fattah Musawdi, may Allah’s mercy be on him, carried the call to resume the Islamic way of life in the ranks of Hizb ut Tahrir since the 50’s of last century. He faced torture and imprisonment at the hands of the oppressors, he was imprisoned four times for the sake of this great duty. He was not deterred due to their oppression from continuing in the path, and remained steadfast as the solid mountains, keen to carry the Dawah wherever he went. He was not hindered by his age and his inability, hoping from Allah to witness the Khilafah, he remained so until Allah’s decree came and his soul returned to its Lord.

We ask Allah to shower him with His mercy, grant him entry to the wide Jannah and reward him the best of rewards, on our behalf and on behalf of Islam and the Muslims. To Allah we belong and to him we shall return. To Allah belongs what He gave and what He took. We only repeat what pleases Allah, Inna lillah wa inna Ilaihi Raj’ioun.

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