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H.  15 Rabi' II 1440 No: 1440 / 02
M.  Saturday, 22 December 2018

Press Release
The 80th Anniversary of the Kyrgyz Parliament

On 21/12/2018, a conference on the 80th anniversary of the Kyrgyz Parliament was held in Bishkek. Government Representatives, including the President, former State leaders and society activists attended the conference. The conference focused on issues of democracy development, parliamentary strengthening and reform of the country's constitution. According to the participants, Kyrgyzstan will only develop by solving these issues. They did not discuss Islam in the development issue, although 80% of Kyrgyzstan's population are Muslim.

It is known that after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Kyrgyzstan got a false "independence". At the same time, the parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic is now called the heroic parliament after socialism was removed from Kyrgyzstan and capitalism was adopted. When Kyrgyzstan moved to the democratic system (i.e. the capitalist system), the presidential system was implemented until 2010, and the people expelled two of the presidents during this period. In 2010, pro-Western politicians came to power, saying that all the problems in life were caused by the presidential system, and they replaced it with the parliamentary presidential system. In fact, it was opening the door to the colonization of the West in the face of the Russian colonization, behind this work. Then a system was put in place to give the parliament more power, they said, the lives of the people would improve by this. In fact, the purpose of this was to continue the previous Western trend and ensure the administration of the president from behind the curtain even after the presidency.

As we have said, since “independence”, the Kyrgyz political elite under the pretext of "democracy" hide the colonialism that controls the world and the capitalist system is implemented in the country. People are dissatisfied with the system, but the governments are deceiving them by changing the form of the regime and reforming the constitution (changes have been made to the constitution 10 times in 25 years). The result is that the regime continues to bring people down to the depths of misery ... The country's minerals are plundered by the colonial capitalists, and the rest of our wealth goes to the foreign capitalists, and the sons and daughters of the migrant people, to earn a living, have become slaves to foreign employers. Immigration, corruption, unemployment, poverty, oppression, and immorality are rife in the country.

In fact, we the Muslims are not powerless in facing this, because we have Islam that destroys this imperial system and demolish its corruption. However, the representatives of the ruling elite of our country do not say so. (As well as the Conference confirms our statement). Instead, they serve the Kuffar in their war against Islam to please their colonial masters. They follow their masters, the colonial Kuffar, in every hand span and arms length, describing pure Islam as "extremism" and accuse the Islamic Dawah carriers of being "extremists". They mislead people by spreading "traditional Islam" within democratic "freedom of belief" and "moderate Islam" ideas that are compatible with democratic governance. In addition, they try to absorb ideas such as "democracy from Islam" and "Islam has democracy" by some scholars.

As we have explained, in Hizb ut Tahrir in Kyrgyzstan, we warn the ruling elite against serving democracy against Islam. We also call on all people of Kyrgyzstan to gain the knowledge in their Islam. Islam is the only force capable of overcoming the darkness of colonialism, which operates under the guise of democracy, and puts an end to the tyranny of capitalism.

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