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H.  12 Ramadan 1435 No: 12/07/2014
M.  Saturday, 12 July 2014

Press Release
The States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Conspire Together to Combat Hizb ut Tahrir

Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will actively exchange information in criminal cases and accusation files concerning members of the International Organization of the Islamic Hizb ut Tahrir; according to the News Agency (RIA Novosti) on Tuesday for the Media Center of the Regional Executive Authority to Combat Terrorism (RETS) of the Organization Shanghai Cooperation. The executive body has said at the conclusion of its meeting in Tashkent on this issue that "The number of criminal cases against the extremists of Hizb ut Tahrir has increased recently on the territory of the Russian Federation, and we must intensify joint efforts and coordination between the States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in relation to this matter, the issue of exchange practical experience".

In the Russian Federation, Hizb ut Tahrir is considered a terrorist and has been banned by a decision of the Supreme Court in February 2003 on the background of convictions made ​​by the public prosecutor.

In 2003, the Supreme Court in Russia decided to consider the political Islamic party, Hizb ut Tahrir, a terrorist without any basis, its activities was banned in Russia, and subsequently the Russian government, led by Putin, began a large-scale war against Hizb ut Tahrir and also against Islam and Muslims.

By escalating the war day after day against Islam and Muslims in Russia, the Russian government inherently has followed (the policy of the evil).

Attempts to attach material acts to Hizb ut Tahrir, can only be by those who were raised by atheists and communists idiot leaders such as the dreaded Karimov. And not to exclude the Former (KGB) intelligence man Gen. Putin.

The increasing number of converts to Islam in the Russian society, especially those with Russian origins make Putin intensify his fight against this phenomenon (the phenomenon of conversion to Islam by the Russians). In order to achieve his aim he ordered to ban everything that has to do with Islam in Russia, and has instilled fear in the hearts of the Muslims there. Thus, the Novorossiysk Court has considered the Quran as extremist material, a party member Abdulla Gappaev was murdered by security forces, schools started to ban Hijab, Al-Ikhlas Mosque was demolished and its Imam Rustem Safin was arrested and thrown in jail. In these despicable ways, Putin intends to prevent the spread of Islam in Russia. Recently, the official authorities are considering converting a mosque in the city of Chistobl in Tatarstan into a museum.

The Russian government, led by Putin seeks to bring its ally countries to pursue its policy in the war against Islam and Muslims. To achieve this end, the Russian government began through organizations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Collective Security Treaty Organization and others, to draw plans and involving other republics in the war on Islam and Muslims. The rulers of the Central Asian republics, whether they know it or not they actually follow this policy of Russia in various forms and incite against Hizb ut Tahrir, but they are vainly trying and unsuccessfully to ban Hizb ut Tahrir.

Hizb ut Tahrir is a political party, its ideology is Islam. It interacts with its idea with the Ummah, and through them in order to resume the Islamic way of life to establish the second rightly guided Khilafah "Caliphate" on the method of Prophethood. Adopting the Prophet's (saw) way to achieve its aim. It leads the people intellectually and adopts the interests of the Ummah on the basis of Islam, through the political and intellectual struggle to change the rulers. For 60 years, Hizb ut Tahrir is actively working in many countries of the Islamic world, it only speaks the truth and refutes the lies and removes illusions in a documented way. It calls to Allah without resorting to physical force; the Hizb has no any armed wings and there is no any incident that proves the opposite.

Despite all this, Russia and the rulers following it continue their defamatory war against Hizb ut Tahrir.

Abu Mas'ud narrated from Uqba ibn Amr al-Ansari that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: «إن لم تستح فاصنع ما شئت» "If you feel no shame, then do as you wish" (Bukhari).

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan

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