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H.  5 Rabi' II 1438 No: HTM/PR/02/1439
M.  Saturday, 23 December 2017

Press Release
Baitul Maqdis Will Never be Liberated with the Ruler’s Rhetoric, but with Jihad and Khilafah

Since the announcement of the United States President, Donald Trump recognizing Baitul Maqdis as the capital of the Jewish entity, protests from Muslims around the world is still going on until now, Alhamdulillah. At the same time, we also hear useless rhetoric from Muslim rulers seeking political mileage over the issue of Baitul Maqdis. They condemn Trump and try to accentuate themselves as heroes of the ummah. They held an extra-ordinary meeting in Istanbul on the pretext of defending the blessed land. They pretended to condemn Trump and defend Baitul Maqdis, while they are indeed Trump's close friends and have always bowed to the US. Some of them have even declared that their relationship with the US will continue, despite the declaration made by Trump. They have no shame to Allah, His Messenger and the Believers with their betrayal and drama.

In Malaysia, the ruling party held a Solidarity Gathering to Save Baitul Maqdis at the Putrajaya Mosque yesterday (22/12/2017) and invited opposition leaders, mufti, non-governmental organizations and the people of Malaysia in general to participate. This is certainly an irony since it is the ruling party that prevents mosques from being used for political purposes, but now the mosque that symbolizes the central administration of Malaysia has been used for their political purpose. May the ruling party and the Muslims in general realize that mosques and politics are in fact inseparable, as long as the purposes are in line with Islam.

In this regard, Hizb ut Tahrir / Malaysia wishes to emphasize that:

1- The gathering organized by the ruling party merely functions to attract the emotions of Malaysians and to show that the government is “doing something” although this in reality will not solve the problem of Baitul Maqdis or Palestine;

2- The duty of the government is to declare jihad to liberate Baitul Maqdis, not hold rallies. For the Ummah it is certainly desirable to organize rallies but for government, the power is in their hands to mobilize armies, not hold rhetorical rallies;

3- The acknowledgement by the Prime Minister of Malaysia of the two-states solution and the 1967 Palestinian border is clearly a "recognition" to the occupation and settlement of Jewish illegal entity in Palestinian land and is a clear betrayal to Baitul Maqdis; and

4- The duty of the Muftis and religious authorities are to account the rulers and not to collude with them, let alone allowing themselves to be used by the rulers. Muftis should issue a fatwa that the rulers are obliged to dispatch armies to do jihad in Palestine in order to liberate Baitul Maqdis from the grip of the Jews, backed by the United States, La’natullah Alaihima.

O Muslims! Take notice that Baitul Maqdis will never be liberated by the drama and rhetorics of the Muslim rulers. The blessed land will only be liberated with jihad and Khilafah. Hizb ut Tahrir is working day and night across the globe to re-establish the State of Khilafah ar-Rashidah Ala Minhaj Nubuwwah, which, upon its establishment soon, Jihad Fi Sabilillah will be launched by the Khalifah to liberate Baitul Maqdis as had been done by Khalifah Umar al-Khattab and Salahuddin al-Ayubi in the past.

Abdul Hakim Othman
Spokesperson of Hizb ut Tahrir in Malaysia


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