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H.  13 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1443 No: 1443 / 70
M.  Sunday, 12 June 2022

 Press Release
The IMF Budget is to Ensure Pakistan is Bled Dry for Riba (Interest) Payments, Neglecting the Spending on the Obligations of Our Deen and the Affairs of the Ummah

The IMF ensures every budget bleeds Pakistan for interest payments, whilst continuously increasing the total taxation and slashing subsidies. Under the previous IMF budget, the Bajwa-Imran regime paid Rs. 3,000 billion in interest and raised Rs. 5,000 billion in taxation, crushing the poor and indebted. Under the current IMF budget, the Bajwa-Sharif regime will now pay Rs. 4,000 billion in interest, whilst raising the taxation target to Rs. 7,000 billion. This is whilst the IMF target for taxation in 2025 is Rs. 10,000 billion.

O Muslims of Pakistan! The affairs of the Ummah are neglected to pay riba, which is haraam, inviting war from Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw). Pakistan’s targeted fiscal deficit is equal to Pakistan’s interest payments. This means that we have enough resources to spend on our people, if we refuse the sin of paying riba. The IMF designed budgets allocate resources for payment of debt and interest, instead of allocating resources to spend on people’s needs. The capitalist economic system which Pakistan’s rulers implement makes Pakistan dependent on the West and its institutions. We often hear the rulers saying: What option do we have? Well we say: your option is to abolish the capitalist system, refuse disobedience to Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw) and implement Islam’s economic system, which made the Indian subcontinent an economic powerhouse, under the Mughal rule.

O Muslims of Pakistan’s Armed Forces! The Bajwa-Sharif regime spends freely on the haraam, in open defiance of Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw), whilst claiming that we are too poor to undertake our military obligations! We have an option and we have a way to return prosperity to our lands. It depends upon you making a decision.

Withdraw your support for the Bajwa-Sharif regime, uproot democracy and the capitalist economic system. Grant your Nussrah to Hizb ut Tahrir, installing the righteous politicians into power, so they can rule us by all that Allah (swt) has revealed. Re-establish the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood, which will abolish riba, relieve the poor and indebted of all taxes, take taxes only from the financially capable, seize the assets of those corrupt who misappropriated wealth and spend on Jihad in the Path of Allah (swt). Allah (swt) said, (وَفِي ذَٰلِكَ فَلۡيَتَنَافَسِ ٱلۡمُتَنَٰفِسُونَ) “So let whoever aspires to this strive diligently.” [TMQ Surah Al-Mutafifoon 83:26].

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