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Media Office
The Netherlands

H.  26 Shawwal 1444 No: 1444 / 11
M.  Tuesday, 16 May 2023

 Press Release
Spying on Muslims by the "Secret Intelligence Service" is an Expression of the Anti-Islam Policy

On May 15th, 2023, RTL News published an article about a shocking revelation in which a secret intelligence agency named Public Order Intelligence Team (TOOI) has been covertly spying on citizens since 2013. The agency operates freely without any form of oversight from a higher government authority, and the National Police were aware of this, as indicated in a recently released police report.

TOOI primarily targets Muslims through espionage. A mosque volunteer was denied access and detained in handcuffs during a trip to Mexico because he was labelled a "jihadist terrorist" by TOOI. According to the government, the volunteer's association with a "controversial preacher" was sufficient to label him as such.

The report also reveals that the Team has deployed agents to secretly gather information, recruit informants from their circle of acquaintances, and monitor individuals online whom they deem a "threat to public order." This means that not only the police were aware of this Team, but they also closely collaborate with this intelligence service.

Muslims are once again confronted with the reality of their lives. It has been known for years that the Dutch government pursues an anti-Islam policy against Muslims in The Netherlands and their Islamic identity. The way in which the Team operates shows that the Dutch state is willing to do everything possible to suppress and, if necessary, prosecute Muslims in The Netherlands.

Without any intervention of oversight or transparency, the Dutch state is effectively operating as a police state. It is a sad display of how the Dutch government has acted again and again engaging in corrupt practices towards Muslims and the Dutch population in general.

It is crucial for Muslims in The Netherlands to effectively speak out against the boundless anti-Islam policy once again. This is not the first scandal where Muslims are the victims, and it certainly won't be the last. The secular liberal ideology and the preached freedom apparently no longer serve as the standard when it comes to Muslims. The state deliberately deviates from its own standards, and this can have dangerous consequences that affect all Muslims. It is now time for Muslims to assert their Islamic identity and promote the alternative of Islam.

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