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H.  25 Rajab 1441 No: 1441 / 11
M.  Friday, 20 March 2020

 Press Release
The Kafir Capitalist System that is Drifting toward Collapse is more Deadly than the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has placed the world under its control, its sparks spread to Turkey, where four people lost their lives and 359 were infected with the disease. First, we ask Allah Almighty to protect Muslims from the evil of this pandemic, and to heal and recover the infected patients.

In light of this pandemic, and in light of the atmosphere of psychological and societal panic provoked by the virus, the package of measures announced by President Erdogan in front of the television screens, unfortunately, focused mostly on the economic aspect. The observer in the content of this package finds that it did not lift the burdens of people from the economic crisis that worsened under the pandemic. This package, which was announced in light of the exit of foreign investments, the decline of the movement of production and export, the arrival of tourism to a state of paralysis and the high level of unemployment; clearly shows that it is the protection of large companies that comes in state’s priorities; not the health of the people, nor the economic burdens that drain the low-income earners. The value of 100 billion Turkish liras generated by the package is inconsistent with the Turkish strong economy rhetoric echoed in every platform. Instead of increasing spending in order to ease people's burden, the state focused on delaying its dues, relaying the burden of the crisis on people, and protecting tourism, real estate, banking, finance, and other sectors before thinking about the basic needs of the general public. Therefore, we find the support that this package provides to the general public is very limited, in the form of delaying what it considers its right to taxes, payments and premiums, reducing rates of some taxes, opening taps for interest-based debt, increasing production and protecting employment to move the internal markets.

After this, we cannot expect similar packages that could come in the future to be a solution to the economic crisis. On the contrary, the rulers in our country, as in all capitalist countries have found in the virus epidemic an opportunity to lay the blame on it for the economic system which is heading towards collapse. The measures announced, amounting one trillion dollars in America, 550 billion euros in Germany, 300 billion euros in France, 200 billion euros in Spain and 100 billion euros in The Netherlands are nothing but measures to preserve their rotten collapsing systems, and measures to delay this collapse, not the concern and the desire to protect people and rid them of the evil of the epidemic. The economic and financial sectors are on the verge of complete collapse, the Capitalist system has reached the point of bankruptcy, and all the foundations of the real economy, including production, trade, tourism and services, and all the tools of the financial system have turned upside down under the weight of this epidemic that struck the whole world. All these announced packages will therefore certainly not be a solution, nor will they be able to hinder the collapse of the system.

O Muslims! The world is certainly experiencing the throes of a new transformation, and the Corona pandemic constitutes the collapse of this capitalist system, which is eroded in its roots and structure, unjust in its practices and applications, and the loser in its destiny and consequences. The international situation today bears a new order, and there is no alternative to the restarting of the Islamic way of life. The Islamic Ummah in general, and those with power today, should only realize that this situation is an opportunity to overthrow the rotten regimes, and hasten to establish the Khilafah Rashidah (righteous Caliphate) state that applies Islam to life. Then the world will not only get rid of its health problem of Covid-19 pandemic, but will also get rid of capitalism, which is more deadly than the disease. The light of Islam will then shine and the darkness of disbelief will be destroyed, and the rule of Islam will return to life again, where people will be sheltered under it, and goodness and well-being prevail over the whole world.

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