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Ripping the Heads off the Pawns, and Checkmating is Only Possible with the Khilafah Rashidah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Ripping the Heads off the Pawns, and Checkmating is Only Possible with the Khilafah Rashidah


On the anniversary of the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, memorials were organised throughout various cities of Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in his speech on the “July 15 Martyrs Bridge”, "We cannot defeat the queen, king, or sheikhs without defeating the pawns, knights and castles. Firstly, we will rip the heads off of these traitors.”(BBC)


Exactly one year has passed over the coup attempt on 15th of July. Not one judicial procedure was completed in order to punish any of the pawns, let alone that of any of those truly responsible for the coup attempt. Even during the struggle against the pawns, "hoof prints were mingled with dog prints". [Means the inability to distinguish between good and bad]. While they reached out [judiciary] to the lower segment, they were unable to reach out to the upper segment, the political segment! The system sought to browbeat many sections of the society under the pretext of FETO. People, known for years as opponents of FETO, became victimized under FETO charges. Justice delayed; which was justified with a "bad apples excuse" and with being standard.

Once again throughout the past year, Islamic groups wronged by FETO were declared guilty. Not a single step was taken for them. In contrary, unlawful cases filed by FETO against Islamic groups were maintained. Cadres, cleared from FETO and replaced, resumed the fight against Muslims.

So we wonder; if these are the pawns in your hands; who are the rooks, bishops, queens and the king? When will you make them public? If you were not able to punish the pawns during a whole year; how and when will you punish the rooks, bishops, queens and the king? What agendas will occur until the time comes for them? Will they simply sink into oblivion?!

During these same events, President Erdogan said the following: "There are so many enemies out there, who will not give us a single day to live... Giving their names, one by one, we would face a very serious international crisis." If those elements, like FETO, PKK, PYD, against whom the state fights, are the pawns, then the rooks, bishops, queens and king, which are said to cause an international crisis, are the USA, the EU, NATO, Russia, "Israel" and all the other Kuffar enemies.

The question is: are these enemies waiting at the door, or do we host them in our house? Their agents, ambassadors, consuls, companies, their occupant bases, harbours, airfields upon our soils, their constitutions and laws in every government body, their regimes, conceptions, standards and in fact everything that stems from them... Why can they exist in our country, upon our soils? Why do you still insist to convince the people of concepts, like democracy, secularism, and presidency, which stem of their beliefs? Why do you get friends with them, make agreements with them and seek to implement their plans? How is it that they can trust you in such a manner, and make agreements with you? Despite of so many questions full of "How"; are they really waiting at the door, or are they acting like your guests, or even the hosts?!

The Muslim people, who were against the coup, and who saw the true pawns and coup plotters behind it, stopped the coup with their lives and property, and by paying the price for it. President Erdogan, during his address to the families of those who paid this price, said: "What happened to us, is the same that happened to Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt. Now we will stand with them." We (the Turkish regime and its army) did not stand with Syria! Aleppo fell! The opposition groups were divided! And after the coup, Turkey reached an agreement with Islam-hostile Russia, became its ally and cooperated with Russia on Syria. And now it plans to step into Idlib together with Russia!

We did not stand with Palestine! Courts dropped the Mavi Marmara case through political will! The Ministry found the martyrs and veterans guilty, while it justified the state of terror! Once again Gaza remained without power, and was bombed during Ramadan. Al-Aqsa became occupied, and Muslims massacred in its yard. The terror state implemented a ban on the Masjid Al-Aqsa, and installed x-ray machines at its entrances. Turkey however became friends with the terror state! Deals were made, goodwill visits were made, ministers were sent, and the representatives of the murderer Jews were welcomed with their own concerts in the Palace!

We did not stand with Iraq! It went to rack and ruin through the Iraqi coalition forces and terrorist Iranian forces. Most heavy weapons hit civilians. The Tigris River is filled with the corpses of neglected Muslims.

You promised to prevent that the coup does not fall into oblivion, however you continued your relations with the USA who is behind the coup! You sent tons of files; however your friend and ally, the big Sheytan, did not even take notice of it! To top it all, it even supplied arms to the PKK-PYD, who killed two thousand of our people during the last two years, and cooperated with it, and you still maintained your relationships!

On the anniversary of the coup, you sent the Chief of Staff, who had been kidnapped during the night of the coup attempt, to the anniversary of the Queen of the British, who are behind the coup. You assented, and came to terms with the secular section, who supported the coup, and you gave them new tasks again, and paid them high compensations!

You worked to strengthen democracy, secularism, patriotism, and fortified your seats! However; you did not take a single step in the name of the Muslims who stood upright against the coup! You even misused the punishment (of the perpetrators), which were meant to cool their hearts, as political tools! You maintained and continued your amicable relations with those behind the coup! You left in the lurch Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Egypt who stood with us against the coup, and whose people are Muslims!

Ripping the heads off the pawns, reaching the castles and checkmating is only possible through purely serving Allah and implementing His Revelation through the Khilafah Rashidah (righteous Caliphate). If you want to punish those who deserve punishment, and if you want to prevent huge crises in this world and the hereafter, then hold on to the revelation of Allah, trust the Muslims and struggle to establish the Second Khilafah Rashidah. Otherwise those enemies, whom you deem to be waiting at the door, will hit a coup against you, and this is an end of your deeds that will hit you painfully in the Hereafter...

 Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by


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