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The Terror and Brutality of Crusading Occupiers and their Puppets


The air assault of Monday which was carried out on the Hashimyah Dar ul Ulum Religious School - in Dasht e Archi district of Kunduz, Afghanistan – has resulted in the killing and injuring of hundreds of civilians. Nasruddin Sa’di, the Dasht e Archi district governor, has confirmed the incident of the air assault on a religious school of Daftani village of this district in which over 100 students have been killed and over 200 others are injured. The residents of the area also confirm the incident, saying that the victims are the civilians, religious scholars, graduating students and other children who were attending a graduation ceremony of the school. A member of parliament representing Kunduz province has also confirmed the civilian casualties of the incident. However, the Afghan government and its defence ministry claims their forces have targeted a ‘terrorist’ headquarter that was carrying out terrorist activities.


This brutal attack is carried out in accordance with the Trump’s strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia, which was declared in last August. Since then, the American and Afghan forces have increased their air raids across the country in a hope to force Taliban to come down to a negotiating table. However, most of these raids have mainly targeted the civilian population that the aforementioned incident is the best example of it. A recent report published by the Pazhwak News Agency indicates that 171 airstrikes have been carried out in last March alone that resulted in 1018 people dead and 792 others injured. These numbers indicate 29% increase in the number of casualties compared to February.

All Afghans and other citizens of the world are the witnesses that Afghanistan has become a playground of the American brutalities and terror from the day they stepped on this land.  However, despite all of their brutalities, their Afghan puppets signed a strategic agreement with these crusading terrorists followed by signing a security pact which has officially licensed the presence and continuity of such brutalities by American soldiers. Therefore, almost all governmental and non-governmental institutions are denouncing these atrocities nominally and there is no call for trial of those who committed these acts. As a matter of fact, all sides including media are trying to justify these atrocities with different reasons so to not strain their relationships with the invading forces and their installed government, that may jeopardize their personal and organizational interests.

This terrorist attack has once again unveiled the US’s warring logic and their hatred against Muslims, due to which the lives of hundreds of civilians, including children and elders has no value for them should they come on their way to eliminate a few presumed Muslim militants. In addition, this act shall suffice to prove to everyone the fact that to whom the US forces and the Afghan Government refer to as terrorists. As a matter of fact the term ‘terrorist’ is used for any Muslim who challenges the interests of the US and the US made Afghan government. Meanwhile, this incident once again unveiled the reality of the US led ‘War on Terror’, under the banner of which they carry an atrocious war against Islam and Muslims, while in reality the true terrorists are the American forces themselves, their international allies and their regional puppet forces.

Furthermore, this incident has also disclosed the real face of those children and Human Rights organizations who are considered and implemented only for western citizens. Muslims and their children are exempted by them. Additionally, it has also clarified the substance of liberal peace with Afghan insurgents. The nature of such peace offer turns out to; until they have not renounced their holy way of life – Islam – and have not surrendered to democracy, this murderous campaign that specifically targets their women, children and elders will continue.

Such a situation, where terror, brutalities and crimes persist, proves the necessity for; each and every secular – un-Islamic – regime in the Muslim land be toppled, puppet Ruwaibidhah (Foolish) be thrown out and replaced with a rightly guided Caliphate that is established upon the footsteps of Muhammad – Peace Be Upon Him – and giving Pledge of Obedience (Bai’ah) to the Imam (Caliph). Only then, the Islamic sanctities and Muslim blood, dignity, wealth and lands can be protected. It is because Muhammad (saw) has said: «إِنَّمَا الإِمَامُ جُنَّةٌ يُقَاتَلُ مِنْ وَرَائِهِ وَيُتَّقَى بِهِ»“Imam (Caliph) is a shield – for the Ummah – from behind of whom they can fight for; and defend themselves.”

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Saifullah Mustanir
Director of Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan


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