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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Continued Genocide and Containment of the Rohingya by the Myanmar Regime


Analysis of satellite imagery has cast further doubt on promises that arrangements are being made by Myanmar for the safe and humane return of Rohingya Muslims, and revealed that the destruction of their villages has continued.… more than 320 Rohingya settlements destroyed in the violence show no sign of reconstruction, despite claims that repatriated refugees would be allowed to return to their original villages. The data and satellite imagery, said the report, “cast doubt on the credibility of claims that refugees will be allowed to return to their homes”. “Instead, we’ve found ongoing destruction of additional settlements and the construction of highly securitised camps and military bases that have been built, fortified or expanded on the sites of razed Rohingya settlements.” (Guardian, 24 July 2019)


Despite government promises for amendments to re-introduce the displaced and persecuted Rohingya from years past, satellite images capturing the clearance of the areas is not far-fetched for the Myanmar regime and nothing less should be expected of it as it has had been involved in systematic policy and procedure to eradicate the Rohingya population from its land. What differs is the latest news report of one its horrendous procedures, the complete destruction of the Rohingya settlements and the elusive buildings to contain the Rohingya. The Myanmar regime is and has been committing genocide to ethnically cleanse its country of the Muslim population, while the Muslim countries especially Bangladesh and Pakistan act oblivious to the crimes against humanity. This is the same action that has been practiced for decades against the Arakan population instead of rescuing them and being their advocate in their homeland.

When the ruthless regimes commit acts against their Muslim populations while the rulers and the armed forces of the Muslim lands act mute and blind to their crimes of oppression in all shapes and forms, it is only expected that these regimes persist and expand in their crimes against the Muslims, especially against unrelenting practicing Muslims who refuse to abandon their Islamic Aqeedah and identity, as in the case of the latest horrors of the Chinese government against the Uyghur population.

Cries of help and oppression are muffled in favor of the economic deals, dollars outweigh Muslim lives and honors to these Ruwaibidah rulers of the Muslim lands.  Documented cases of rape, torture, harassment, and death reports are tucked away in the files of the human rights agencies and sometimes get their 15 minutes of media “fame” when and if they are presented before official committees yet it is damned from the start as these Western nations are the same ones who give the regimes the green light to commit such crimes. The emotional scenes of the victims’ accounts only worsen the humiliation for the victims and their advocates because they only remain as they are…accounts, like watching a news report. They suffer and endure yet complain to the wrong agencies and plea for restitution and relief from the same side who sold their enemies weapons and are welcomed by the Western governments on red carpets.

Despite the endless calls to the sincere in the Armed Forces in the Muslim lands, they will not cease as they are the sole solution to end the Rohingya and all other Muslim populations’ persecution and genocide even though it may have lasted for 50 – 60 decades. When the situation is studied sincerely and in an aware lens following the course of events to their source, this is when the solution can be sought to eradicate the evilness that plagues this Muslim Ummah as this scene is repeated and has been repeated throughout the world ever since the destruction of the entity that protected and shielded the Muslims and their sanctities, the Islamic Khilafah State (Caliphate). Therefore upon further scrutiny, the international organizations that appear to alleviate, advocate, and document the cases of human suffering are in fact the same organizations that facilitate and prolong the persecutions against humanity. Thus it is only imperative that a completely different type of entity that does not abide by the international community norms or laws come into existence, and that is only the Khilafah Rashidah upon the method of the Prophethood which has been historically documented to place human life above all other interests and mobilized to rescue those in persecution. It is and was able to exist as such due to its sublime constitution that is fixed and its ideals are also fixed never subjected to human interest or external pressure that compromises the pillars of the Khilafah. Here this is when humanity may find and uphold its true justice in its complete form.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by

Manal Bader


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