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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Oh Rulers! Has the News of the Virus in China Reached you but the Lament of our Brothers has Not?


The Health Minister of Turkey, Fahrettin Koca, called the whole world to show solidarity with China over the novel coronavirus outbreak, “without waiting for an invitation or call for help.” [News agencies 6/2/2020]


One of the main topics, that remains on the agenda, is undoubtedly the Corona Virus that firstly broke out in Wuhan and spread among other cities. The total death toll has reached 400. The Health Minister’s expressions regarding the subject matter containing that it is urgent to help China, which is one of the bloodiest countries of the century, is hard to digest. Do you know when the Minister demands help for China? Are you aware of the time during which the Minister calls for solidarity for the kafir China?

It is during a time when millions of Uyghur Muslim brothers in the prison camps groan bitterly under the persecution of the kafir China.

It is during a time when occupant China is holding nearly a million Muslims in concentration camps to convert them from Islam.

It is during a time when our sisters jump from buildings in order to protect their chastity.

While the heathen Chinese government has placed a Chinese man in every Muslim's house, ignoring the privacy of Muslims.

While the infidel Chinese government is leading an extensive campaign to alienate the Muslim youth of East Turkestan away from Islam and to inject atheism into their mind.

While the Chinese government has banned and prevented Muslims from fasting, men from growing beards, women from wearing headscarves, Muslim youths from entering mosques.

While our East Turkestan brothers are abandoned between the options of death as a result of systematic torture or emigration.

It is during a time, when our brothers are waiting for a leader to lift them out of the vortex of this tyranny.

So yes: while all of this and more is the treatment that the infidel occupant China deems proper for the Muslims, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey calls for help for the killer state. Did you not fear Allah when you uttered these words? The news of the virus in China did reach you, but the news of our brothers, who wail under the torture of the infidel China, did not reach you? The news about the death of some four hundred Chinese people due to the virus could reach you, but the news millions of tortured Muslims in the prison camps could not?

While our Prophet (saw) ordered, «الْمُسْلِمُ أَخُو الْمُسْلِمِ لَا يَظْلِمُهُ وَلَا يُسْلِمُهُ» “A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to an oppressor.”, but you compete with each other in order to aid the kuffar, while you abandon your brothers. Indeed, Allah regards this as a big sin. Are you aware of this?

Is it possible that you are unaware of the screams of your brothers in East Turkestan? Did the cries and lamentations of our sisters, whose chastity was encroached, not penetrate the walls of your palace? For Allah’s sake! Did you really not hear of the cruelties that our brothers and sisters are facing? Or maybe you did, but your hearts turned to stone? Or maybe you are chasing for political gains as usual? Maybe you will continue to insist on sacrificing your brothers and sisters to real politics? Will you disregard your account in front of your Lord for the sake of the credit account from China?

Obviously, your trade agreement with the infidel China prevents you from seeing the truth, hearing the voices of your brothers and sisters, and from saying what is meant to be. Know that there will come a day when goods and wealth will not benefit. Your responsibility, however, is to heal the wounds of your Muslim brothers and not of China, which has a truly infidel status. The Muslims of East Turkestan are your brothers and sisters in Deen. It is an obligation upon you to protect and to save the Uyghur Muslims from the tyranny of the irreligious Chinese regime. As a requirement of your servitude towards your Lord, you must love what Allah (swt) orders to love, and you must hate what He (swt) orders to hate.

It is pivotal to do what is necessary to do for those who are obedient to Allah, and to show friendship and compassion to them, while showing dislike and turning away from the enemies of Allah, and those who transgress the prohibitions and limits of Allah. While this is what Islam demands from us, it is not according the will of Allah that the current rulers take the enemies of Allah to their allies and turn away from those who are obedient to Allah. Unfortunately, rather those, who govern us, are literally hastening to please the Kuffar. However, it should be known that those, who gain the approval, consent, and laud of the Kuffar, will not gain the pleasure of Allah (swt).

We know very well that these rulers, who are chained to the kuffar like slaves and who shake their hands, cannot be able to respond to the cries of the Muslims. It is only the rightly guided Khulafah (caliphs), who regard the life and blood of the Muslims as dear as their own life and blood, who will respond to the Muslims’ cries for help.

[وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ ٱلْمُؤْمِنُونَ]

“And that day the believers will rejoice.” [ar-Rum 4]

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Abdullah İmamoğlu


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