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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Turkey Approved Finland and Sweden's NATO Membership at the NATO Summit in Madrid


After Russia declared war on Ukraine, America invited Finland and Sweden to join NATO in order to further encircle Russia and expand NATO. On the other hand, President Erdogan announced that he would veto the membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO on the grounds that Sweden and Finland support the PKK/YPG and FETO terrorist organizations. Not long after this announcement, at the NATO summit held in Madrid on June 29 and 30, Turkey lifted Finland's and Sweden's veto on NATO membership, giving Sweden and Finland the green light to join NATO.


Although he knew that he could not stand against the wishes of America, President Erdoğan, who was in a difficult situation due to the deteriorating economy and whose popular support was declining, wanted to turn this situation into an opportunity for himself and his party. In order to compensate for the points lost, he first announced that he would veto the application for NATO membership of Finland and Sweden on the grounds of their support for terrorist organizations.

However, on June 28, Turkey signed a memorandum of understanding with Finland and Sweden with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg at a meeting with the participation of Finland and Sweden to accept that the veto is lifted in accordance with the acceptation that PKK/YPG and FETO are considered as terrorist organisations and that they won't support these organizations yet would send some members of those groups back to Turkey.

As a result, American President Biden congratulated Erdogan, and the international press noted that Erdogan returned home with a political and diplomatic victory.

It is clear that President Erdogan, who is a member of NATO, wants what he does not want from countries such as America, Britain, France, Germany, Finland and Sweden, and he is trying to get a political show for himself rather than a win for Turkey.

As a result of this, America has achieved what it wants; NATO has expanded, Finland and Sweden have gained NATO membership, and President Erdogan may have increased the vote share perhaps slightly before the elections in June 2023.

So what has Turkey and its Muslim people gained concretely?

Will America, the head of NATO and NATO which is actually the enemy of Islam and Muslims, working for the goals and interests of colonial infidels, allow Turkey and Muslims to win?

They won't!

Turkey has already taken its place among the decolonized infidel states, which are the greatest danger and threat both for itself and for Muslims, and those who have lost from the very beginning by becoming a member of NATO will continue to lose.

Turkey is the only Muslim country in NATO. It is a great cruelty and a great sin for Turkey to let the colonial infidel states use our own army for their own bloody purposes and interests.

If Turkey wants to win, all it has to do is get out of NATO immediately, declare the Caliphate and unite the Islamic Ummah under the banner of the Caliphate.

By establishing the great Rashid Caliphate again, Turkey will win as long as it fights the colonial infidels with the power of the Ummah and the Caliphate, and as long as it stays in NATO, it will continue to lose both itself, the people and humanity.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by

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