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News and Comment Respecting the Victims of MH17 by Cancelling the Mrs. Universe Pageant!!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Within a five months period, Malaysia was struck by two airline disasters that had shocked the nation and the world. MH370 disappeared from flight radar in March 2014 and is still not found until today. Then, on the 17th of July 2014, MH17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down in Ukrainian airspace. Malaysians share their sorrow over the two shocking events and when the bodies of the MH17 victims arrived last Friday (22nd August 2014), the government declared a day of mourning where all forms of entertainment and festive events were postponed. It is appropriate that homage is paid to the victims of these horrific events. However, while respect is being paid to the victims, disrespect to the nobility of women brews in this ‘multi-national, multi-cultural' nation. The Mrs. Universe Pageant is to be held in 2014 for the first time in Malaysia and Asia on August 29, organized by the SOGO (KL) Department Store Co., Ltd. It seems that more of the agenda of the Kuffar is pouring into this Muslim nation without any resistance or care by the Government of Malaysia. On the day of mourning, Hizb ut Tahrir organized a rally and handed a memorandum of objection on the pageant to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia.


The government of this secular Muslim nation called Malaysia has always been weak in defending the nobility and dignity of the Muslim way of life. The government may have ‘defended' Islam in personal issues related to food and personal worship; looking back at the issue of Halal food some months ago, the government nonetheless has failed miserably in defending the Islamic way of life related to many other aspects of life. The Mrs. Universe Pageant is one example. This pageant is allowed as if it is part of the way of life of Malaysians, specifically the Muslims. When the Department of Religious Affairs of the State of Selangor was criticized for being silent on this event, the answer given was that there are no Muslim participants in the pageant and as such, the issue is beyond the jurisdiction of the department. The fact that this event is even held in a Muslim majority country is a slap on the face of the Muslim authorities and is highly inappropriate for a nation that claims to be the ‘example Muslim State'. Hizb ut Tahrir held a rally in front of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia which is the ministry responsible for granting the permission for this pageant to be held in Malaysia. A memorandum was also handed to the Ministry which contains, among others, these points:

  • Cancellation of the pageant as it is clearly an event which is opposed to Islam
  • Events of this nature bring about much wickedness and have lead to unwanted consequences, looking back at previous festivals of similar nature.
  • The event is a clear exploitation the body and beauty of women for economic interests. Even worse, it takes Malaysia back to the days before Islam where women were only tools of the trade and for the satisfaction of lust. The pageant is an insult and a dishonor to women.
  • Events like this distorts the new generation of Muslims vis-à-vis a cultural liberalization agenda which effectively diverts Muslims towards malevolent Western liberal values.
  • Events such as this contribute illegal income from tourism to the country.

The Mrs. Universe Pageant is not going to be the last event representing the inflow of Western values into this Muslim nation. Indeed, as long as the nation is ruled based on the democratic-capitalistic system, a system rooted in freedom, anything will be allowed in its name. It is easier for Prime Minister Najib to take advantage of sad events such as the loss of the two airlines to stoke the emotions of Malaysians and demand respect to the victims by calling for the postponement and cancellation of festivals. However, clearly these are just words coming from the mouth without solid action. If tribute is to be really given to the victims, then this pageant must be cancelled!!

Islam places women in an honorable position, safeguarding their purity and self-esteem. Before the advent of Islam, women were humiliated and were merely tools to satisfy the lust of men. Islam came and changed the situation. Today, as long as we are still living under the umbrella of disbelieve, the honor of women cannot be well protected. Only with the Khilafah "Caliphate" state, which implements Islam in its totality that the glory and dignity of women will be revived and the community will be saved from the evils of freedom that had permeated deep into the Muslim society.



Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

By Dr. Muhammad - Malaysia


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