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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hizb ut Tahrir in France


Hizb ut Tahrir in France held a picket to protest France's ban on the Islamic dress, niqab.

On Monday April 11th 2011, the French ban of the face veil in all public places came into force, criminalising Muslim women for simply dressing modestly.

Any Muslim woman found wearing the face veil in public can now be forced to uncover and will either face a fine of 150 Euros or be required to take French citizenship classes.

Any man found guilty of having pressured their female family members into adopting the niqab could face a fine of 30,000 Euros or a year in prison.

By forcing Muslim women to unveil, the French government has simply exposed the deficiencies, weaknesses and flaws of Western secular liberalism.

This reflects the religious apartheid and fascist nature of French secular fundamentalism or ‘laicité'.

It has shown itself to be an intolerant ideology where women are secluded from society simply for expressing modesty,
where all talk of human rights is clearly a fallacy, where liberté, egalité, and fraternité extends only those who tow the secular line.

Freedom extends to the right to exploit women through pornography and prostitution but not to the right for a woman to follow her religious convictions free from harassment.

The French parliament, composed primarily of men, dictate to Muslim women how they should NOT dress and order them how to think through threats of fines.

Muslim women need no lessons in ‘female dignity' from secular states

This racist, divisive piece of legislation will do nothing but throw fuel to the fire of racial tensions between communities.

French politicians, applying the cut-throat opportunistic nature of secular politics is clear for all to see, where instigating prejudice against a community is an acceptable electioneering tool to win a few racist votes.

This ‘veil debate' has exposed the failure of secular states to create harmonious cohesive societies where all feel equally respected.

French government by forcing women to uncover their faces has only unveiled French hypocrisy and bigotry towards Muslims.

According to French domestic intelligence services in a report in July 2009, they concluded that only 367 women in France wore the Burqa!

In fact, France has been battling with the Muslim dress for the last decade.

In 2004 The Stasi commission, set up by then president Jacques Chirac to look at the application and strength of secularism in France, proposed the banning of all religious symbols in public education establishments.

The banning of the Hijab in schools proved to Muslims and non-Muslims that France had a problem with Islam.

Why does France have a problem with a piece of cloth and the personal decision by Muslim women to cover themselves?
The climate created by the West include open attacks on Islam, such as the women's dress, Shari'ah, Ummah and Khilafah "Caliphate".

Journalists, writers and government ministers justified the attacks on Islam through the use of freedom of speech.
André Gerin, the Communist Party legislator and mayor of Vénissieux, who initiated the motion to outlaw the wearing of the Burqa in France made it very clear what his issue is with the Ummah, which resonates across Europe, he said "The burqa is the tip of the iceberg, Islamism really threatens us."

Islam is the problem in Europe; all the various attempts at attacking Islam and banning symbols of Islam are in reality the West's attempts at defending Capitalism.

For the West and their many liberals, the Hijab, Niqaab and Burqa represent Islam, an open challenge to Capitalism - hence the hostility towards them.

• The West defeated Communism through subversion by creating a variety of lies against it.

In this same vain the West is attempting to protect its ideology through subverting Islam.

In this way the debate is restricted to Islam and for Muslims to explain Islam;

This ensures no discussion takes place about Capitalism's validity, just as the strategy was with communism.

• The French like much of Europe feel their way of life, which they already believe is in decline is being challenged by Islam through the wearing of Islamic symbols and through remaining loyal to the Ummah over France.

In defending their ideology France has resorted to legislating against Islam rather than have anything in the way of an intellectual debate with Islam.

• The attacks on Islam should be seen in a positive light by the Ummah across the world.

The West is attempting to defend its deen of capitalism when a coordinated attack has not even been launched by the Ummah.

The politasation of the Ummah will eventually lead to the Khilafah "Caliphate" because political ideas always end with a revolution and government.

• The emergence of the Khilafah "Caliphate" is their worst nightmare, this is why the more Islamic the Ummah responds to global issues, the more intense their defence of their ideology takes place.

The Ummah needs to stand for Islam, for all the lies the west label upon Islam they conveniently overlook the crisis they find themselves in.

The West is clearly in a battle with Islam.

Various surveys, think tank reports and policy makers have all accepted that Muslims globally have rejected western values.

Muslim women regard Western culture as morally corrupt and obsessed with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

The West's battle for hearts and minds and physical occupation represents a last ditch effort to salvage the emergence of an alternative system of governance i.e al Khilafah "Caliphate".

The Ummah, despite the West's worldwide campaign to demonize Islam and their attempt to make Muslims feel guilty and ashamed in the so-called modern society, have learnt to defend Islam from the perspective of a position of strength rather than a position of weakness.

It is in this context France is attempting to ban parts of Islam.

Liste de Slogans

1. DEMOCRATIE - LIBRE MAIS PAS LIBRE ! (Democracy - Free but not free)
2. CULTURE OCCIDENTALE = CULTURE PERVERSE (Western Culture = Corrupted Culture)
3. NON A L'INTEGRATION CULTURELLE OCCIDENTALE ! (No to integration to Western Culture)
4. NON A LA NUDITE EUROPEENE ! (No to the European nudity)
5. LA CULTURE OCCIDENTALE EST DANS LE COMA ! (The Westerrn culture is in coma)
6. SEUL L'ISLAM SAUVERA LE MONDE ! (Only Islam will save the world)
7. CESSEZ VOTRE CROISADE CONTRE L'ISLAM ! (Stop your crusade against Islam)
8. AL KHILAFAH - LE RETOUR DU GEANT ! (Al Khilafah "Caliphate" - The return of the giant)
9. NON AUX VALEURS IMMORALES DE L'OCCIDENT ! (No to the Immoral values of the West)
10. QUELLE DEMOCRATIE ?! QUELLE LIBERTE ?! (What democracy ! Which Liberty !)
11. HONTE ! HONTE ! A SARKOZY ! (Shame ! Shame ! Oh Sarkozy !)
12. DEMOCRATIE = LIBERTE ELITISTE (Democracy - Freedom of the elite)
13. NICOLLO MACHIAVELLI EST FIER DE TOI ... O SARKOZY ! (Machiavelli is proud of you ...Oh Sarkozy)
15. A BAS LA CROISADE OCCIDENTALE CONTRE L'ISLAM ! (No to Western crusade against Islam)
17. FEMME MUSULMANE = FEMME HONORABLE ! (Muslim Woman = Honourable woman)
18. NON AU METISSAGE IDEOLOGIQUE ! No to an ideological mix-up)
19. FEMME OCCIDENTALE = OBJECT SEXUEL ! (Western woman = sexual object)
20. FINIES LES CROISADES - LE KHILAFAH EST DE RETOUR !(The Crusades are over - al Khialafah is back)
22. FIERS D'APPARTENIR A L'ISLAM ! (Proud to belong to Islam)
23. L'ISLAM - L'UNIQUE SOLUTION ! (al Islam - the solution)
24. DEMOCRATIE ET LIBERTE - QUELLE UTOPIE ! (Democracy and Liberty - Utopia)
25. SEUL L'ISLAM HONORE LA FEMME !(Only Islam honours the woman)
26. SEUL L'ISLAM PROTEGE LA FEMME !(Only Islam protects the woman)
27. L'OBJECTIF DE LA POLITIQUE OCCIDENTALE EST DE DETRUIRE L'ISLAM- (The objective of the Western politics is to destroy

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