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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hizb ut Tahrir / Indonesia

Hundreds of Scholars affirmed their support of the Khilafah

More than Hundred of Sunni Muslim Scholars attended the Commemoration of the birth of the ProphetMuhammad (saw) in Islamic Boarding School Al Muntaha Madura, Indonesia, One Vision to Continue the Khilafah System

The Rabiul Awwal Month was the birth of the Great Prophet Muhammad (saw). For expressing the gratitude and love of the Muslims to the Prophet in the month of Rabii’ ul Awwal held a commemoration on Sunday, November 17, 2019, coincided with 20 Rabiul Awwal 1441 Hijri at Al Muntaha Islamic Boarding School, Bangkalan, Madura, Indonesia, which cared by Islamic Scholars Al Hajj Muhammad Toha Cholili.

More than 700 participants, consisting of clerics (scholars), Islamic boarding school leader representative from all over Indonesia, our beloved Preachers (ustad), were present at the haflah (commemoration) of the birth of the Prophet (saw).

Among the Sunni Muslim Scholars who attended were:

KH. Syakhkrowardi, Sunni Muslim Scholar from Banten, Indonesia

KH. Rahmat S Labib, Sunni Muslim Scholar from Jakarta, Indonesia

KH. Mansur Muhyidin, Sunni Muslim Scholar from Banten, Indonesia

KH. Yasin Munthohar, Islamic Boadring School Al Abqory, Banten, Indonesia

KH. Cecep Abadul Halim, Islamic Boarding School Darussalam, and Islamic Boarding School Al Bayyinah, Garut, West Java, Indonesia

KH. Ali Bayanullah, Islamic Boarding School Darul Bayan, Sumedang, West Java

KH. AA. Syamri, Islamic Boarding School Pancaran Amal, Gunung Pancar, Sentul, Bogor,

KH. Misbah Halimi, Sunni Muslim Scholar from Jombang, East Java

KH. Farid Makruf, Lc, Islamic Boarding School Al Mimbar, Jombang, East Java

KH. Muhammad Nizar, Sunni Muslim Scholar at Al Mimbar Jombang, East Java

The scholars have a vision of the struggle to continue the legacy of the Prophet’s Islamic State in the form of the Khilafah system. This is a manifestation of the love of the scholars to the Prophet (saw) and his Seerah. They really want to apply life with the methodology of the Prophet in a complete approach.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir /Indonesia

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