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Al-Waqiyah TV Campaign 100 Lean Years is Enough!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Al-Waqiyah TV Campaign:

"100 Lean Years is Enough!"

In the month of Rajab Muharram of this year, 1445 Hijri - 2024 CE, we return to the painful anniversary of the 103rd Hijri and the 100th CE of the demolition of the Islamic State by the criminals of the Arabs and Turks, which was established by the Master of Messengers Muhammad (saw) and his honorable companions, may Allah be pleased with them, and the abolition of the Islamic ruling system (Caliphate) on the 28th of Rajab in the year 1342 AH, corresponding to the 3rd of March 1924 CE, and the Blessed Land - Palestine was lost with the loss of the Imam - the shield - the caliph of the Muslims who fight behind him and and are protected by him. Rather, the Islamic Ummah was lost and with it its pride and dignity, and even its lands and its wealth.

Today, 100 years later, we return to the painful memory of the brutal massacres (genocide) by the usurping monstrous Jewish entity continuing its genocides against defenseless Muslims in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank, which in just four months led to the martyrdom and injury of more than 100,000 Muslim men and women, most of whom were women, children and the elderly. For this reason, Al-Waqiyah TV is organizing a series of videos and interviews in these difficult days under the title:

100 Lean Years is Enough!

To mobilize the determination of the Muslims in general and the powerful among them in particular to work diligently with Hizb ut Tahrir to establish the Second Khilafah Rashidah (Rightly Guided Caliphate) State on the method of the Prophethood, for through it alone is the glory of this world and the salvation of the Hereafter, and it alone is capable of liberating the earth and humanity from the criminal kuffar, asking the Lord of Glory to make the establishment of the Second Rightly Guided Caliphate State on the method of the Prophethood coming soon, and may He (swt) honor us with the bayah (oath) to a Rightly Guided Imam, behind whom we will fight. Allah is the Best Protector and Helper.

Friday, 28 Rajab 1445 AH - 09 February 2024 CE

Al Waqiyah TV

- Opening Statement -

Campaign, "100 Lean Years is Enough!"

Eng. Salah Eddine Adada (Abu Muhammad)
Director of the Central Media Office
of Hizb ut Tahrir

Friday, 28 Rajab 1445 AH - 09 February 2024 CE

Al Waqiyah TV

- Talks on the Occasion 100th Anniversary (CE) of the Destruction of the Khilafah State -

Talk by Ust. Syed Shalabi / Sweden

Talk by Eng. Baher Saleh / The Blessed Land of Palestine

Talk by Ust. Bilal Al Qasrawi / Wilayah Jordan

Talk by Ust. Haitham Ibn Thbait / America

Talk by Ust. Abdel Hakeem Othman / Malaysia

Talk by Al Haj Naji / Denmark

Talk by Sister Khadeeja al-Sheikh / Wilayah Syria

 Talk by Ust Khabib Karbaka

Talk by Ust Eldar Khamzin / Uzbekistan

Talk by Ust. Mubin Abu Dawud / Tajikistan

Talk by Ust. Abdul Aziz Al-Manayes / Wilayah Kuwait

Talk by Akeel Abu Omar / The Netherlands

Talk by Dr. Muhammad Ismail Yusanto / Indonesia

Al Waqiyah TV

Conclusion of the "100 Lean Years is Enough" Campaign on the 103rd Anniversary of the Destruction of the Khilafah (Caliphate)

24 Sha'ban 1445 AH - 5 March 2024 CE

Al Waqiyah TV


Al Waqiyah TV

- Campaign Hashtags -





Al Waqiyah TV

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