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H.  27 Shawwal 1445 No: 1445 / 10
M.  Monday, 06 May 2024

 Press Release
The Tyranny of Thought Reaches New Heights in Denmark

If you are well-educated, self-supporting, speak perfect Danish and abide by the law, but at the same time a Muslim who naturally carries Islamic values with you, then you are potentially dangerous for Danish society.

This is the message expressed by the Social Democratic Party's spokesperson, for integration, Frederik Vad. A statement that has received support from the Prime Minister, the Minister for Integration, the Minister for the Church and the Minister for Equality. The government now quite openly demands a "value-based assimilation".

This so-called "third realization in the integration debate" does not come by chance. It is part of a continuous policy of intimidation, which has lasted for over two decades, and which aims to scare the Danish population away from Muslims.

Now that the "all Muslims are criminals" card and the "all Muslims are potential terrorists" card have lost their effect, they want Mr. and Mrs. Jensen to imagine that the local Muslim pharmacist, case manager or ophthalmologist is probably participating in a malicious conspiracy to infiltrate the country's institutions.

In other words, as a Muslim you have to live with being under constant suspicion when you attend to your work or studies and go about your professional or public work.

With this course, the Danish government harbors a hostile view of any Muslim who does not profess a secular or liberal mindset, and it exercises psychological violence against an entire population group, regardless of how law-abiding and hard-working it is.

However, it is Kaare Dybad Bek, Morten Dahlin and Frederik Vad who are dangerous to society, with their tyranny of thought and Muslim-hating rhetoric about parallel societies and infiltration.

It is surprising that politicians, who otherwise claim tolerance and base their "value-compass" on freedom and liberal values, can endure their own hypocrisy when they want to control what Muslims say, think and feel.

For independent thinking people, the acquisition, or rejection, of certain values is something that takes place through objective, intellectual discussions and investigations, where arguments meet arguments and find their way to people's convictions. In the same way as when a lot of Westerners are introduced to Islam in a convincing way every day and thereby become Muslims.

The government's stated desire for value-based assimilation of Muslims is clear evidence of its value-based bankruptcy. They preach about freedom while they want to control which values Muslims must carry, thereby undermining the foundation of the "freedom-based" society, which in reality has always been an illusion.

Hizb ut Tahrir / Denmark strongly condemns the government's blatant hypocrisy, attempts at intimidation and tyranny of thought, which we will expose, fight and stand against at all times, just as we call on all decent people in Denmark to do the same.

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