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H.  14 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445 No: 1445 / 11
M.  Thursday, 20 June 2024

Press Release
Political Trial Exposes Denmark's Support for Genocidal Occupation

On June 25, 2024, I, Elias Lamrabet, Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir / Denmark, will attend Copenhagen City Court. The Public Prosecutor's Office demands that I be punished with prison for, in a speech given in front of the Egyptian Embassy in May 2021 during the then massacres in Gaza, to have called on all Muslims to call on the Muslim armies in the countries surrounding Palestine to intervene militarily to liberate all of Palestine and end the Zionist occupation.

This murderous occupation came about through ethnic cleansing, massacres and systematic terrorizing of the rightful people of Palestine. Palestine was taken by force in a historical injustice, and today more than ever it has become obvious, also to parts of the Western populations, that the bloody occupation and crimes of the Zionists will only be brought to an end by force.

Our call to the Egyptian and other Muslim armies in the region was in 2021, as it is today and always has been, that it is their duty - those who have the practical military capability - to intervene and put a definitive end to the illegitimate, Zionist terrorist occupation, "Israel".

The Danish government continues its wholehearted support for the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the ongoing genocide in Gaza, which has horrified every decent soul on the planet, and awakened the masses to the fact that the alleged values ​​of the Western states lie buried with the bodies of thousands of women and children under the ruins of Gaza. Human rights, the right to life and self-determination, women's rights and the welfare of the child – all of it is thrown under the bulldozer of Zionism by politicians and authorities, who thus exhibit their sublime hypocrisy and reveal how these "values" are in practice just political tools.

As for the much-sung "freedom of speech", recent months have shown that Danish Zionists, politicians and the media can freely and without consequence support a genocide, where over 15,000 Palestinian children have been murdered in less than 9 months of 76 years of brutal occupation, and still their thirst for innocent blood is not quenched. At the same time, with prosecution and threats of imprisonment, they try to intimidate Muslims into not even talking about liberation!

The Danish state is thus willingly eroding its own value base with the sole purpose of providing support for a genocidal occupation.

However, the intimidation attempt is hopeless. A conviction for standing on the side of Palestine – on the side of the children and women, the side of our oppressed brothers and sisters – will always be a medal of honor to wear with pride.

"Israel" faces its doom. It is a military occupation, and military occupation is ended by military liberation. This intuitive truth, which is the only real solution for Palestine that Islam commands, I and Hizb ut Tahrir will continue to call for wherever we are.

No politically motivated prosecution, no threat or coercion, will prevent us from speaking the truth or shake our resolve in the slightest. On the contrary.

Elias Lamrabet
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Denmark
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