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H.  21 Shawwal 1439 No: 02/1439
M.  Thursday, 05 July 2018

Press Release
New government of Kyrgyzstan continues solving corruption cases of previous establishment

The Kyrgyz government continues attempts of solving economic corruption crimes of the previous ruling establishment. Revealing crimes of the previous ruling political figures, the government is as if trying to cover existing debauched climate in the current government system. The government in Kyrgyzstan changed several times, but this vicious government system turns in a very short time a new government into corrupted as the previous ones, maybe worse. The people’s wealth is still being robbed! Unexpectedly disclosed corruption cases show the facts that a group of people or certain figures stole billions of people’s money.

How many more crimes there are that must be kept in secret! The new government will not solve corruption crimes if they are even slightly related to itself. That is why Atambaev tried to hold the reins of government in his hands so much. If he would manage to do it, then these big crimes would not be disclosed, but even would continue. The government system of Kyrgyzstan is based on such principles. All politicians and establishment of Kyrgyzstan know it very well. The global politics knows about this criminal system and even has interest in it; and is used by baiting and thus prevents the third world countries from developing.

The Kufr system invented international rules and laws that oblige it to give us special financial credits via donor states. However, in colonized states create vicious political atmosphere that forms corrupted rulers so that the allocated funds were not used properly. As a result, very small part of loaned money will be spent as intended because the ruling team will illegally seize the major part of the money. When giving us credits, they strictly control that this money is spent only for improvement and development of the infrastructure. They will never grant us loans for development of the sectors that could solve our economic problems – for development of the industry. As a result, with increase of debts, the influence of large states on weak colonial states will increase, too. This is the truth of the global system of unbelief based on such dirty foundation as capitalism!

The Kyrgyz elite understands the depravity of this system but is afraid to disclose these dirty intrigues of the global politics. Instead, they use the easiest option – the new ones blame their predecessors and bring them to responsibility or expel from the country and thus try to achieve satisfaction of the lords of the global politics. As everyone knows very well that tomorrow a new ruling team will have to beg for money on their knees from international donors. Of course, there is a solution for this problem. However, it is not in this Kufr system! It is also impossible to succeed with domestic political changes of such a weak country as Kyrgyzstan. Because any domestic political problem is always related to external influential political forces and it cannot be ignored. Therefore, the only solution of the problem is to refuse to obey the global government system of the Kufr. However, for this purpose, a new ideological system of government is required. It is possible only with return of the ideological Islam to the arena of life. As the crash of capitalism is inevitable. Even they themselves admit it. So, there is only one appropriate system left – ideological system of Islam. So the Khilafah government system will revive in the nearest future, in shaa Allah! And this system will bring peace and calmness not only to Kyrgyzstan or other Islamic states, but also to the whole world of Kufr, in shaa Allah!

Therefore, we, Muslims of Kyrgyzstan should realize the problem, and hurry to make our contribution to correct the vicious atmosphere, where the ruling circles squabble among themselves! We should realize that there is no hope for the Kyrgyz establishment and for democrat politicians. Therefore, in order to save the society, and to preserve the wealth of the Ummah, and the honor of Muslims, we need to bend every effort to return Islam back to life.

Unless this government system based on unbelief will not change, no matter how many times the government changes, the Ummah’s hopes will remain vain and we will return to humiliation every time! Our ulema should stop helping the Kufr to bring the Ummah to heel! We should explain the Ummah that there is no hope for the unbelief, and that he who relies on the unbelievers for salvation, then this reliance will support the unbelievers. Let us fear Allah! As only in that case we can hope for mercy of Allah!

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