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H.  24 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1439 No: 03/1439
M.  Monday, 06 August 2018

Press Release
China Gradually Colonizes Kyrgyzstan

On July 26, a Chinese citizen, director of Tian Shan Keramik tile factory located in Sokuluk district, Chui region, beat his employee, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. The Chinese director was drunk and he insulted then beat up the employee in front of a whole team of Kyrgyz workers...

First, China demonstrated its method of colonizing countries and nations into its colonies during occupation of Eastern Turkestan. China firstly sends businessmen and workers to a country it wants to colonize. They try to earn confidence of this country and nation by patiently and obediently working for many years. In parallel, China invests in this poor country and grants huge credits to this country and thus makes this country a debtor of huge loans which this country cannot pay back. Using political or economic critical situations in the country, China attains signing of large and very profitable agreements with this country. China makes this country strategically dependent from it by implementing strategic projects, for example, laying gas or oil pipelines, and building railways.

After all this, China as a state, and its “very obedient” workers and businessmen show their true faces. Then, China will demand, for example, from Kyrgyzstan, to provide security of Chinese citizens and their property.

It will organize in Kyrgyzstan provocative actions and express distrust to the government. Finally, it will undertake security and protection of companies and goods of China transported by railway, as well as its citizens living here. That means, China will send required military forces into the country.

Vecherniy Bishkek newspaper, dated July 30, published an article about the innocence of the Chinese director related to the incident of July 26 was proven. The article also says that workers who witnessed the incident deny the fact of beating a Kyrgyz citizen by a Chinese.

Meanwhile, the next morning, July 27, the same workers organized a protest action and demanded that the Chinese director apologized to the workers and beaten worker. It appears that what we fear has began. That means, the factory administration forced the Kyrgyz workers under threat of dismissal to change their statements. Also, under pressure of the Kyrgyz government, security authorities did not pay attention at the fact of covering criminal acts of the Chinese citizen.

We appeal to citizens of Kyrgyzstan: China plans to occupy our country! Our former rulers, because of their stupidity and chasing their own interests, created very favorable conditions for China to implement its plan! In other words, they brought the country to a critical condition by accepting billion dollar credits from China for many useless projects and putting the country into huge debts. To fix the situation, the new government has no alternative but to take new loans from other states or ... again from China. The government plans to pay them back by transferring our public property (lands, deposits,...) to them! On top of that, our authorities will trample rights of own citizens as above, fearing of pressure from China.

Therefore, we, ordinary citizens, as the people of Kyrgyzstan, should not allow that Chinese could get Kyrgyz citizenship and become legal or illegal lords of our citizens. Otherwise, the fate of Uighur Muslims will certainly reach us, too. As far as possible, we need to hold back from cooperation with these dirty infidels and we need to beware that they will not become our rulers. If we had a Khilafah, it would immediately declare China as “Darul Harb” (a state in war with Muslims) for its current repressions towards Muslims.

Thus, our citizens should put pressure on our state leaders, at the same time warning the Chinese state. Otherwise, China will continue growing out of line. The Kyrgyz government, in fear of them, will take the part of China. We have evidenced it from Uighur authorities. If the people do not accept the Chinese, destroy their colonialist plans and direct their government against China by putting pressure on it, then China will retreat.

Of course, temporarily. It will wait for its opportunity. However, now the time is working for us, in shaa Allah! As only the Khilafah system can save us from Chinese repressions. And this system is coming very soon, in shaa Allah!!!

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