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H.  24 Rabi' I 1436 No: 01/36
M.  Thursday, 15 January 2015

Press Release
At a Time the Kyrgyz Government Seeks to Prevent Corruption Its Corruptors Loot the People with the Thieves!

On 27/12/2014 at ten o'clock, five security officers stormed the waiting lounge at the international airport in the city of Osh and had with them documents (identity card) for government officials. According to the police statement, which was published in the site, in the possession of one of the intruders was a pistol, and of another a video camera, while the other three were carrying automatic rifles. These intruders were all dressed in "special forces missions" uniforms. This special team passed the customs check points, border guards and security officers without any hindrance. Initially, they claimed that they were "carrying out an inspection", and passed in with the required official documents. Since the aforementioned entities (i.e. the customs, border guards and security officers) cannot allow anyone to enter the lounge without a document (warrant), it is remarkable that these three entities did not inform the official authorities until after the operation ended. This confirms that the team was sent by the government for a special mission with official documents. Otherwise, those three mentioned entities should be accused for cooperation with these thieves (or at least because of their negligence) and held accountable for this failure and negligence, but this did not happen! After finding $20 million, the title of this operation became, all of a sudden, a "banditry operation".

This operation is not the first of its kind; citizens have been looted and even killed before it several times, and almost all these crimes were committed either in roads or outside the airport. This operation could not have been possible without the involvement of officials from the government. This means that the executors were beyond all the banditry operations that were not revealed. And as a reminder, during one of the lootings that previously occurred outside the airport, one of the criminals was arrested by the victims. During the course of the investigation and interrogation of the criminal, evidences indicated the involvement of police officials or their sons in that crime, after that the criminal case was also wrapped up with other crimes that have not been revealed!

It is known that production had stopped in Kyrgyzstan since a long time ago and that the factories have become in a deplorable state. The total local production of Kyrgyzstan has become barely growing because of these banditry operations in which the treacherous influential powers in the government are involved, since it is not possible for such gangs to carry out these operations without the help of the influential government officials. It is not difficult to understand that these influential powers are the reason behind the failure to disclose those crimes. And that this gang (mafia) is also working at the sight and hearing of the Kyrgyz leadership and by its facilitation and help, where it deliberately opens the doors in front of these banditry operations... All of this causes the lack of investor's interest, forcing citizens to withdraw their money abroad. No one can force investors to invest their money under a government that cannot protect its citizens. Hence this mafia may also have political purposes.

Hizb ut Tahrir / Kyrgyzstan reminds President Atambayev of the following matters:

All the crimes that remain unpunished open the doors to new crimes. And you are the one who created the favorable conditions for individuals who you regarded trustees to turn into oppressors. These individuals have been looting the Uzbek-origin citizens and continue to loot them on the basis of nationalism. Almost all of these criminals are still working in the state institutions, even after their arrest or after exposing their crimes. Today after the start of the campaign against Muslims, these individuals targeted Muslims. Then here they are now, started plundering traders as the sea dogs "sharks" do. You, by your silence on those crimes, become a collaborator of these people in their horrible crimes, and almost all the crimes are committed with the involvement or complicity of the people who work under your hands. This "soft" policy towards the thieves and criminals is causing serious damage to the interests of Kyrgyzstan. Thus, your statements of enhancing (tightening) the war on corruption is not honest as long as the crime and banditry mafia evolving day after day.

O people of Kyrgyzstan!

Hizb ut Tahrir cautions you O Muslim brothers that the government wants to slander the sincere and truthful by accusing them of these crimes after the revelation of the government's involvement with those thieves in these crimes. So they try to accuse us that we are an extremist group and prosecute us because we expose their betrayal. They find no argument, except to accuse the Hizb that it seeks to establish the Islamic rule one day, and then they fear the Islamic state that it would hold the spoilers accountable for their crimes.

Hizb ut Tahrir constantly adopts the interests of Muslims and will never put its own interests above theirs. We are aware that the Kyrgyz government is not our primary enemy as much as the international forces that stand behind it and drive it to fight the Hizb on the grounds that the Hizb requesting the Nusrah in Kyrgyzstan to establish the Khilafah "Caliphate", knowing that the Hizb does not carry out any material actions in Kyrgyzstan or in others, but carries the intellectual and political struggle.

The Hizb maintains the interests of the Ummah in accordance with the Shariah rulings, seeking from behind it the attainment of Allah's pleasure and fear no blame in that. And the fabrications by the government will not weaken its resolve rather those who invent are the losers and helpless failures. The Hizb carries out all the political actions in order to protect the interests of the Ummah. And we address the truthful and sincere words to all people, even to the authorities that oppress us, from the viewpoint of accounting and Naseeha (advice). This is to be absolved before our Lord and perhaps those oppressors may fear Him.

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan

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